In 2011, Coalview acquired the assets of Beard Technologies, a privately held coal technology company headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The company was a leading provider in the United States to coal companies building and managing fine coal recovery plants for nearly two decades. 2013 marked a milestone for Coalview as America’s only fully integrated coal technology company for fine coal recovery with our own in house laboratory and sample extraction technique.


  • 1990 - Beard Technologies was formed as a fine coal recovery company by the Beard Company of Oklahoma City, OK.
  • 1996 - Beard Technologies appoints C. David Henry as President
  • 1998 - Beard opens Somerset, PA laboratory.
  • 2011 – Energy technology investor David Schwedel acquires the coal technology assets of Beard Technologies from the Beard Company, and forms Coalview Recovery Group, LLC and Coalview Ltd.
  • 2012 - A series of investments by Schwedel enables Coalview to become America’s first fully integrated coal technology company.
  • 2013 - Coalview completes a $42 million financing for Coalview Centralia, LLC to construct a 200 TPH fine coal recovery plant at the Centalia Mine in Washington.
  • 2014 - Roger Fish, PE as President & CEO of Coalview.
  • December 2016 - Coalview Centralia celebrates first year anniversary of commissioning of plant.