Roger Fish P.E., CEO, President & Director, Coalview Ltd., LLC & Coalview Centralia, LLC

Roger Fish serves as the President & Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Coalview Ltd., LLC., and Coalview Centralia, LLC. Mr. Fish brings more than 25 years of experience within the energy industry, managing large teams, leading project development and construction, as well as managing both domestic and international large-scale commercial and coal mining operations. For nearly a decade, he held various leadership positions at TransAlta Corporation including Mine Engineering Director, Mine Director, Director of North American Mine Operations, and most recently as the Director, Commercial Operations. Prior to TransAlta, Mr. Fish worked for 13 years at The North American Coal Corporation where he was accountable for environmental and permitting activities, coal production, mine engineering, and coal mine operations in various management positions. He also worked for several mining and investment banking firms. Mr. Fish earned bachelor's and master’s degrees in Mining Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.

C. David Henry, President, Coalview Recovery Group

Mr. Henry is a specialist in reserve evaluation and quality control testing for slurry impoundment recovery projects, participated in thousands of batteries of tests to evaluate size distribution, deposition patterns, washability studies, facility circuit design and anticipated product quality. Mr. Henry has held administrative and engineering positions at C.D.H. Consulting and Mineral Development Corporation. Mr. Henry has served as President of Beard Technologies, Inc. since July 2004, and from 2000 until 2004 he served as Vice President of Operations. During his time with BTI he has focused on the development of coal recovery operations through the utilization of advanced coal processing technologies and the production of high-grade fine coal products. His area of expertise includes recovery and reclamation of coal slurry impoundments, testing and analysis of coal slurry reserves, slurry impoundment reclamation design and coal preparation. In addition, Mr. Henry has served on a panel with the National Academy of Science / National Research Council in the study of "Coal Waste Impoundments – Risks, Responses and Alternatives", formulated a series of test matrices to prove-up the dewatering technology developed by Virginia Tech, designed a mechanism and technique to extract samples from coal slurry impoundment structures and designed an all electric –hydraulic dredge in conjunction with Innovative Material Systems (IMS). Mr. Henry received a B.S. degree in biology from Slippery Rock University in 1976.