The most advanced coal fines recovery and processing systems in the industry

Coal Fines Recovery and Processing
Our proprietary coal fines recovery techniques, procedures, designs and methods ensure a complete understanding of the site and waste facilities to produce the best coal fines product — and profitability.

Sampling and Analysis
The complete waste facility is sampled using a proprietary-designed, amphibious-tracked ATV, which is then evaluated by our own dedicated laboratory.

Quantification of Waste Facility Reserve
The volume of the waste material is calculated by comparing original and current site topographical maps and calculating by the average mean volume method.

Recovery System Feed
Coalview uses an IMS / LWT all-electric/hydraulic coal dredge with a specially designed cutter head. The slurry is delivered to the recovery system through a HDPE pipeline at a feed rate of 200 TPH.

Technologies and Equipment
The recovery system uses the most advanced coal processing technology and equipment in the coal industry:

  • Two-stage concentrating coal spiral — reduces the ash content of the +100 mesh fine coal product.
  • Microcel column flotation, developed by Virginia Tech — reduces the ash content and optimizes the yield of the 100 mesh x 325 mesh fine coal and 325 mesh X 0 ultra-fine coal products.
  • Dewatering technology — reduces the moisture content, increases the yield and agglomerates the 100 mesh x 325 mesh fine coal and 325 mesh X 0 ultra-fine coal products.