Published Tuesday, November 25, 2014 6:00 am

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- November 25, 2014 -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Energy technology investor David Schwedel today announced the formation of Gables Energy Partners, LLC, and the merger with  Coalview, Ltd. on a share for share basis with shareholders.

Gables Energy Partners, LLC (“Gables Energy”) is a leading North American energy and chemical technology company engaged in applying technologies in fossil fuels and chemicals to improve their environmental and economic outcomes. 

“Gables Energy’s management team has a proven track record of being able to bring a project from conception to completion, along with the requisite project financing expertise on a global basis,” says David Schwedel, Chief Executive Officer of Gables Energy.  “Our business model is to invest in energy technologies that can provide the ability to become scalable business opportunities.”

The senior management team consists of:

David A. Schwedel – Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Schwedel has a demonstrable career in building businesses and creating shareholder value for more than 25 years. He has a depth of experience in complex cross-border financing, project financing, and global capital markets.

Roger Fish – President.  Mr. Fish serves as the President & Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Coalview Ltd., LLC, and Coalview Centralia, LLC. Mr. Fish brings more than 25 years of experience within the energy industry, managing large teams, leading project development and construction.

C. David Henry – Executive Vice President, Coal Technologies.  Mr. Henry is a specialist in reserve evaluation and quality control testing for slurry impoundment recovery projects, and is recognized globally as a leading expert in reclamation of coal slurry impoundments.

The formation of Gables Energy Partners will enable the group to leverage its operational and financial expertise along with the administrative and business development support for the company’srelated enterprises.

About Gables Energy Partners, LLC

Gables Energy Partners is a leading North American energy and chemical technology company.  The company seeks to make improvements in the industries through the application of advanced technologies to better the environment and the lands we are entrusted with.

About Coalview Ltd.

Coalview is America's leading fully integrated coal technology and fine coal recovery company providing technology and environmental solutions for mining property owners on a global basis.  The company specializes in the application of technologies that allow for the removal and processing of waste materials, and is the only company with a sample extraction technique, an in-house laboratory, plant design, and operating techniques to handle entire projects from start to finish.  


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