Vibracore Drilling Services

We have perfected the Vibracore drilling technique over hundreds of successful slurry pond drilling projects. We have developed a unique 8-wheel drive, low-ground-pressure, all-terrain, amphibious drill rig that is capable of drilling quickly, accurately, and inexpensively even in the hardest-to-reach places. We are familiar with slurry deposition patterns so we know where to locate holes for reliable results.

  • Extraction of a 30' sample
  • Recover full cores with as much as 10' of standing water above the slurry
  • Gain quick access to the most difficult terrain and pond configurations
  • Rapid mobilization
  • Fast, inexpensive drilling and core recovery

Fine Coal Laboratory Services

We operate our own in-house world-class, fine coal recovery laboratory that specializes in reserve evaluations and quality control testing for slurry pond recovery projects. We have performed thousands of batteries of tests to evaluate size distribution, deposition patterns, washability, plant circuit design and anticipated product quality. We know where to sample and which tests to run in order to determine the viability of recovery projects quickly and inexpensively.

  • Wet and dry screen analysis
  • Microtrac 28M X 0 particle size distribution tests over 20 size fractions — in less than an hour!
  • In situ bulk density and specific gravity tests
  • Fine coal float / sink tests
  • Froth flotation tests
  • Partition curves
  • Fine coal handle ability tests